Seiya Suzuki enters “April All-Star” MLB official is elected “It was an unexpected activity” | Full-Count

Batting average .292, 4 home runs, honor following the weekly MVP

On the 29th (30th Japan time), the MLB official website announced both league all-star teams in April, and Seiya Suzuki outfielder of the Cubs was elected to the outfielder division of the National League.

Suzuki has played 20 games by the 30th and has a batting average of .292, 4 home runs and 13 RBIs. Of particular note is his high on-base percentage, with an OPS of .967. Although he is a newcomer, he was active in earning a weekly MVP in the first week. Other names mentioned are Joc Pederson (Giants) and Nick Castellanos (Phillies).

In the American League outfielder category, Mike Trout outfielder (Angels), who records OPS1.213 at the top of both leagues, Aaron Judge outfielder (Yankees), Byron Buxton outfielder (Twins) and stars are in order. Was elected to.

While the MLB official website says, “The three American League players have no complaints,” “The National League is a little less clear than that. Suzuki’s success is a surprise in Chicago. It wasn’t great, “he explains.

[List]MLB official “April All-Star” in which Seiya Suzuki was also selected as a star player

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