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On Monday night, the Senate rejected the Constitutional Indictment against the former Minister of the Interior, Victor Perez, after none of the three chapters reached the 22 necessary votes.

The accusation did not reach the necessary votes, after opposition senators Jaime Quintana (PPD), Felipe Harboe (PPD), Francisco Huenchumilla (DC) and Jorge Pizarro (DC) voted against the three chapters of the libel.

The AC consisted of three chapters; the first accused him “Having stopped executing the laws in matters relating to public order”, which was rejected by 22 votes against, 17 votes in favor and 3 abstentions.

The second chapter accused him of “Violate the right to equality before the law” during the truckers’ strike in late August and early September, which was rejected by 23 against, 15 in favor and 4 abstentions.

The third and final chapter was the one that accused him of “Not exercising hierarchical control”, which pointed to the case of the Pío Nono bridge, where a police officer was formalized for causing the fall of a teenager from the viaduct to the Mapocho river. This was rejected by 24 against, 14 in favor and 4 abstentions.