Sentix index at the lowest in the euro zone. Investor sentiment is at half mast.

The Sentix index measures investor sentiment and the latter is at its lowest since May 2020, which is not very surprising.

Eurozone investor sentiment deteriorated more than expected in July to its lowest level since May 2020, pointing to an ‘inevitable’ recession in the currency bloc, survey data showed Monday. monthly from the research firm Sentix.

The Sentix index came out at -26.4 after -15.8 in June. The Reuters consensus put it at -19.9 for July.

“The energy crisis (…) causes considerable economic distortions,” said Manfred Huebner, director at Sentix.

“In all respects, the dynamics are reminiscent of the 2008 crisis and what was then the collapse of the financial system is now the risk of the collapse of European energy supplies,” he added.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, activated Level 2 of its emergency gas supply plan two weeks ago due to reduced deliveries from Russia and soaring prices.

The sub-index measuring expectations fell to its lowest level since December 2008 and that of the current situation fell to the lowest level since March 2021.

Such levels “legitimize the idea that a recession is inevitable,” said Manfred Huebner.

A recession would therefore be inevitable.

Yet it is sure not.

Bruno said so.

There is no reason for France to be in recession in 2022.

No see, no reason.

Everything is going so well, that as our national Darmanin would say “it’s going to be fine”.

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