SEP; review the situation of the teaching staff

The head of the Ministry of Public Education, Delfina Gómez, announced that school dropout, derived from the covid-19 pandemic in Mexico, was only 2.5 percent of the student population. In addition, the teaching staff for back to school is reviewed.

The return to face-to-face classes has faced the fear of contagion in the community.  (Darkroom)

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The return to face-to-face classes has faced the fear of contagion in the community. (Darkroom)

“We are doing an analysis of the amount of dropouts, we have some data, we feel that it is a reduction of 2.5 percent, not the five percent as it was handled. Those little ones who dropped out of school are being identified, ”he said.

In an interview for MILENIO Televisión, the secretary regretted that many of the students had to leave schools for financial reasons, so they will try to locate them, find out about their situation, and offer support.

The official pointed out that, four months into her new position, she has had to face the impacts of the pandemic on education, which is why efforts have been added to implement the Learn at Home program.

Gómez Álvarez highlighted that within the Secretariat a balance was made of the situation of the states and the progress in the vaccination process, and the return to face-to-face classes was determined as a priority, both due to the knowledge of the students, the social coexistence as well as for the socio-emotional aspects. To reach this conclusion, the recommendations of multiple human rights and children’s organizations were taken into account.

“In the return to classes this month that remains one of the objectives is that: to identify, not only to identify the situation of the little ones, in what socio-emotional and emotional situation, of knowledge and losses: but also of our teachers”, he declared.

So far, the SEP is in communication with local governments to determine the number of teachers who have died from the virus or who suffer from any disease or condition that could put their return to the classroom at risk.

In addition, he pointed out that prior to the health emergency, it demanded a percentage of teachers who were about to start their retirement and must return to schools to do their jobs. For this reason, it is analyzed that they can retire earlier and avoid being exposed or contagious; and that the places are filled by new teachers, through internships.

To guarantee a safe return to face-to-face classes, the government has implemented the La Escuela es Nuestra program in 54,400 schools, and the 150 or even 500 thousand pesos that were delivered will be used to prioritize access to water, keep toilets clean, and acquire material such as soap or antibacterial gel; “Priority must be given to keep the institutions clean,” he said.

“On the part of the program La Escuela es Nuestra, it has been 10 thousand 156 million pesos, we are in the process of talking with (the Ministry of Finance and making our budgets to see how much more can be allocated, plus the vaccination budget”, he pointed.

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