Sequel from popular movie Knives Out in the making | NOW

Canadian entertainment company Lionsgate has officially agreed to a sequel to the film Knives out, writes Variety Thursday.

The first film has already raised nearly $ 300 million (equivalent to $ 273 million) and has been nominated for three Golden Globes. In addition, writer and director Rian Johnson, also known for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, received an Oscar nomination for creating the best original scenario.

It is not entirely surprising that Lionsgate agrees with a sequel. The latest published quarterly figures of the company for 2019 show that Knives Out increased the company’s net profit by tens of millions of dollars to the satisfaction of investors.

Director had already started on a new scenario

At the beginning of January Johnson already expressed the wish that the film needed a follow-up and had already started a new scenario himself. He hopes to seduce Daniel Craig to return to his role as a detective.

The rest of the cast, with names like Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans and Toni Collette, will most likely be replaced. In the murder mystery, detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) tries to uncover the truth after a rich family head is found dead.


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