Seremi de Salud begins indictment against Daniel Jadue for a trip to Coquimbo | National

The trip made by the mayor of Recoleta would go against the measure imposed by the Step by Step Plan, which prohibits interregional transfers to communes in phase 2.

Yesterday Saturday, the mayor of Recoleta Daniel Jadue paid a visit to the Coquimbo region, where he was visiting different places in the province of Choapa together with the communist deputy from that area, Daniel Nuñez.

The problem is that this trip would go against the measure imposed by the Step by Step Plan, since it implies that the mayor of Recoleta made a trip from the Metropolitan region, which is in Phase 2 to another in Phase 4.

According to the sanitary measure, only interregional trips are allowed from communes that are in Phase 3 or 4 to others that are in Phase 3 or higher, so in the communes in Phase 2 trips will only be allowed in exceptional situations, such as funerals, moving or medical appointments.

According to information collected by our partner El Día, from the Coquimbo Region Health Seremi indicated the start of a health summary this Monday.

In particular, the health authority told BioBioChile that in the event of the situation, a health investigation will be initiated to investigate the background and verify compliance with the health regulations associated with covid-19.

It should be noted that if the summary determines that there was a violation of current sanitary regulations, fines ranging from 0.1 ($ 5,032) to 1,000 UTM ($ 50,322,000) are risked.

However, Deputy Daniel Nuñez assured that Jadue “traveled with all the permits. Their only crime is to have shown solidarity with the residents of Choapa Viejo, who are mobilized against the contamination of the Pelambres de los Luksic mining company ”.


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