Set back from the world (2/2): Solitary immensities

Published on : 25/12/2020 – 20:26

We continue this week, to follow in the footsteps of pure and solitary souls, in search of the horizon and the absolute, who have decided, one day, to voluntarily withdraw from the world, far from the disorder of the cities and the embarrassment. others.

In the first episode, we praised the cabin, the slowness and the sedentary withdrawal. Today, we are going to leave the cabin and measure ourselves against the great outdoors which, very often, knocks and blows at the doors of the huts. By drawing on the accounts of traveling writers, who have gone to seek out in the great outdoors, a roadmap and a line of flight, which we so miss in these troubled times …

A journey, journeys, from the Australian desert to that of the Sahara, from the peaks of the Himalayas to the Far North, from the American West to the Arctic, in the land of solitude and the great outdoors. Through open-air stories, to tidy up a bit of a misanthropic green, from a wandering navigator with the soul of a poet, adventurer of the sands or polar explorer who all set off one day to measure the immensity of the world.

Lonely business, therefore selfish? Not necessarily, because everyone came back to deliver powerful testimonies to us on the power and the beauty of the elements, the need to enter into relationship with them and to preserve the last wild places of the planet.

« Loneliness purifies the view, it tells us that our days pass faster than the wind on the waters, that our soul is poorer than the shadow on the earth ». Christian Bobin. Golden letters.

A literary series in two episodes by Céline Develay-Mazurelle and Laure Allary, initially broadcast in May 2020.

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