Several hundred inhabitants vaccinated overnight in Antwerp: what happened?

Managing vaccine doses is not always easy in vaccination centers, as the largest center in Flanders, Spoor Oost in Antwerp, can attest. Officials had to work until 1:30 am this Wednesday morning, following an error in the thawing of the vaccine doses, report The Latest News. Due to poor counting, several hundred vaccines (Moderna) were thawed when they were not scheduled to be administered. Once all the injections scheduled for Tuesday were made, there were therefore 538 vaccines left out of the freezer, which became unusable at 2 a.m.

It was therefore necessary to urgently find more than 500 people ready to be vaccinated immediately. The Qvax reserve list was used initially, but the problem is that the vaccination registration platform no longer works after 10 p.m., so it is impossible for the managers of the center to call back residents of the surrounding area via this channel afterwards. it. But thanks to word of mouth and e-mails, a long line gradually formed in front of the Antwerp center, and all the thawed doses could be administered on time. “We called 300 people via Qvax […] We then filled the remaining 238 places mainly with firefighters from Antwerp and surrounding municipalities, as well as with a number of people (volunteers from the vaccination center for example, editor’s note) who passed, but it was a minority “, a statement sur Radio 2 Tom Van de Vreken, porte-parole du center de vaccination Spoor Oost.

Before 2 a.m., everything was closed, and no vaccine dose had to be thrown away.

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