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[Epoch Times October 18, 2021](Interviews by Epoch Times reporters Hong Ning and Gu Qing’er) A couple of retired professors from Shanghai arrivedGansuInner MongoliaAfter traveling, the day beforeShaanxiDiagnosed asChinese Communist virus(New Coronavirus, COVID-19). Currently, a total of 7 people traveling with the couple are all infected.

On October 17, the Chinese Communist PartyShaanxiThe Provincial Health Commission reported that there were two new cases of positive nucleic acid tests for tourists in the province. The two are husbands and wives, both retired teachers from a university in Shanghai (Jiang, male, 65 years old; Yan, female, 62 years old).

Lu Media reported that the Tanglong International Hotel where the two had stayed has ceased business. Guests who have checked in have been isolated on the spot, and those who have not checked in have checked out one after another. There are many police cars parked outside the hotel’s gate, and many policemen are on duty here. A cordon is set up on the side to remind pedestrians not to enter the hotel.

The staff of Tanglong International Hotel stated that the hotel has been temporarily closed. All staff and guests who have checked in the room have undergone nucleic acid testing and have been quarantined on the spot as required. Guests who have booked and have not checked in will be refunded in full Book the room rate.

On the 16th, a female cleaner from a local medical beauty hospital went to Tanglong International Hotel for sanitation. On the morning of the 17th, the female cleaner was isolated and observed. The beauty hospital has suspended operations on the 17th.

On October 18, the Shaanxi Provincial Health Commission reported that on the 18th, 6 newly confirmed local cases were reported (2 of which are the confirmed case 1 Yan and the confirmed case 2 Jiang) and 1 local asymptomatic. Infected.

In addition, confirmed case 3 (Chen, female, 65 years old, from Shanghai); confirmed case 4 (Wang, male, 65 years old, from Haikou City); confirmed case 5 (Wang, female, 64 years old, from Haikou City) , With 4 confirmed cases of husband and wife relationship); confirmed case 6 (Pan, male, 76 years old, Shanghai native); local asymptomatic infection (Zhang, male, 66 years old, Shanghai native, 3 lines with confirmed case Husband and wife relationship). The above-mentioned personnel are all traveling together of Yan and Jiang.

The movement trajectory of the 7 people is: On October 9, the 7 people flew from Shanghai to Xi’an by plane.GansuZhangye; From October 9th to 15th, 7 people were in Gansu,Inner MongoliaSelf-driving travel.

At 6:30 pm on October 13th, 7 people had a negative nucleic acid test at the People’s Hospital of Ejina Banner. At 9 o’clock on the 15th, confirmed cases 1 and 2 were again tested for nucleic acid at Jiayuguan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital.

On October 15th, 7 people took flight MU2165 (Jiayuguan-Xi’an) and arrived at Xi’an Xianyang Airport at 15:00. At 8 o’clock on the 16th, the confirmed cases 1 and 2 took a taxi to the No. 8 Hospital of the city for nucleic acid testing, then went to the North Square of Dayan Pagoda and Dacien Temple, and dine at Dongqinglou Ancient Fa noodles and new Shaanxi cuisine, then returned to the hotel rest.

At 17:00 on the 16th, the preliminary screening result of the Eighth Hospital of Xi’an City showed positive. The 5 people travelling with the confirmed cases 1 and 2 were also quarantined at 6 am on the 17th. At present, the 7 cases mentioned above are all treated in isolation at the Eighth City Hospital.

In addition, on October 18, Yinchuan City, Ningxia, found an exception (Ai Moumou) who tested positive for imported nucleic acid in the province’s return of silver. The diagnosis was subsequently confirmed. Currently, the case is being treated in isolation at the Fourth People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region.

On October 9th, Ai and Mrs. Yan returned to the hotel after meeting at the entrance of a hotel in Zhangye City. From 10th to 15th, Mr. Ai and Mrs. Yan rented two cars to visit Danxia, ​​Jiayuguan, and Populus euphratica forest. Waiting for scenic spots.

Starting at 8 o’clock on October 18, Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province will conduct nucleic acid testing for all employees. On the 18th, offline large-scale events were suspended in Yinchuan, Ningxia.

In the early morning of October 18, the Jinta Populus euphratica Scenic Area in Jiuquan, Gansu issued an announcement stating that the Jinta Desert Populus euphratica Scenic Area was temporarily closed from October 17th 18:00 to October 20th. The specific opening time will be notified separately.

A female staff member of the Guancheng Scenic Area in Jiayuguan, Gansu, told the Epoch Times reporter on October 18, “They (confirmed persons) have been to several scenic spots, all of which belonged to the same tour group. All scenic spots here are closed, including Populus euphratica forest, etc. , We are currently doing the killing.”

She said that the whole city is now doing nucleic acid testing and all schools are closed. “I don’t know if the city will be closed, but I won’t be allowed to go out.”

The activity tracks of all confirmed cases in Xi’an involve places like Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, Xi’an Tanglong International Hotel, Qujiang Nanyuan Community, etc.; Beijing Zhengyangmen Roast Duck Restaurant (Qujiang Courtyard Store), Laosunjia Restaurant (Dongguan Main Store) , Qianzhou Restaurant on Zhuque Street, Dongqing Building Ancient Fa noodles, Xin Shaan Cuisine and other restaurants; South Lake, Cold Kiln, Expo Garden, Datang Evernight City, Xi’an Qujiang Art Museum and other tourist attractions.

Wen Bing (pseudonym), a resident next to the Beijing Zhengyangmen Roast Duck Restaurant (Qujiang Yard Store), said, “Confirmed cases have been to this roast duck restaurant, and some people who have been in contact have been quarantined. Anyone (confirmed) has been to and lived in All places are closed, and all nucleic acid tests have begun.”

The owner of the Datang Everbright City in Xi’an said, “Yesterday (18th) it began to be closed suddenly. The entire Everbright City was closed, and the cold cellars and museums were also closed. (Opening) may have to wait for half a month, depending on the situation. Now It’s the tourist season, and there are losses.”

“There is a building here with friends who have confirmed cases. They have visited their friends. Now the whole building is sealed off. The people are still at home and have not been taken away.” said Qiu Ming (pseudonym), a resident of Nanyuan Community in Qujiang, Shaanxi.

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