She dies in a strange elevator accident

A Boston University lecturer, who taught French, was killed in a bizarre elevator crash earlier this week.

Officers from the Boston, Massachusetts, police department found Carrie O’Connor, 38, in the elevator shaft of her apartment building, Detective Sgt John Boyle told CNN.

This building is not on the Boston University campus.

Screenshot / CNN

Authorities said his death was accidental.

According to the autopsy, the one who taught French died of “traumatic asphyxia”, a syndrome that occurs when a heavy object crushes a person’s rib cage.

Witnesses told CNN that they saw Carrie O’Connor carrying a box into the elevator when it suddenly began to dive.

“It was horrible,” building tenant Leanne Scorzoni told CNN.

State officials told that the elevator had recently been inspected, CNN reports.

The police are continuing their investigation to understand the exact causes of the accident.


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