she posts a photo of herself on her Instagram account!

Quebec singer Céline Dion resurfaces on the web with her latest publication on her Instagram account.

Celine Dion has just posted a superb photo of her in the middle of nature in the middle of the forest. In the photo, we see her very calm, serene, and natural without makeup.

A photo of Celine Dion that says more about her

Celine Dion‘s life has not always been rosy especially since the disappearance of her husband René Angélil in 2016. The singer has since learned to live without the man of her life and found the stage and the joy. After long months of confinement, Celine Dion is enjoying her vacation in nature to breathe the fresh air under a beautiful sun.

She did not hesitate to share this moment with her fans and subscribers on her Instagram account. As a caption, the singer wrote a passage from her song Flyin On My Own: “ I look to the sky now, it’s a beautiful day“Which can be translated into French as”I’m looking at the sky, now it’s a beautiful day“. According to the sources, it was Naomi Stikeman, Celine’s coach, who took the photo.

Why Celine Dion has been discreet these days?

Céline Dion now lives alongside her family, more precisely in Quebec in the Laurentians region, an hour’s drive from Montreal. She chose to escape the spotlight and the crowd, to live in the simplest of happiness before returning to the stage.

Since July, she has rented a beautiful house located not far from a ski resort in the municipality of Brébeuf. She is accompanied by her little twins who will celebrate their 11th birthday next October. The house is located in an area of ​​36 hectares crossed by a river. The occupants benefit from a lake for fishing, far from prying eyes.

The house has a billiard room, a Jacuzzi and a gym and screening room. The singer has always dreamed of this place as she described it in her autobiographies.

Return to the fold to learn to find oneself

If Céline has decided to rest in her native Quebec, it is to learn to know her origins and to know herself. Let’s not forget that she has lived much of her life in Las Vegas, giving concerts to the delight of her fans.

Since the death of her husband, she has even sold their house not far from there to forget the past and change her life. Today, she has to manage her life without her mother who died on January 17 and her husband in 2016. We can easily understand her desire to take a step back in the company of her relatives.

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