She was expelled from AP after pro-Palestinian tweets, amid an uproar… and the agency’s editor comments to CNN

NEW YORK, USA (CNN) — The expulsion of journalist Emily Wilder from the Associated Press, or what is known as the “AP”, after tweets in support of her للفلسطينيين, A wide interaction prompted colleagues to submit an open letter criticizing the institution.

Wilder was fired last week after only a two-week stint in the job. The AP said the series of pro-Palestinian tweets the journalist had posted violated the agency’s social media policies, while the AP did not say exactly which tweets were in violation of its policies.

“Emily Wilder was fired because she had a series of social media posts that showed a clear bias towards and against the other in one of the most divisive and difficult stories we cover,” AP Managing Editor Brian Carovillano said in an interview with CNN.

“It was a difficult decision, it was not an easy decision, it was not a personal decision, and we wish her all the best,” Carovellano continued.

In Saturday’s statement, Wilder said she was “one of the victims of the unequal application of rules on objectivity and social media that censored many journalists – particularly Palestinian and other journalists of color – prior to my case.”

It is reported that more than 100 Associated Press employees signed an open letter criticizing the agency’s lack of communication or clarification about Wilder’s firing, with the letter stating that what happened “does not give us confidence that none of us can be next, and are sacrificed without explanation.” , it has left our colleagues – especially emerging journalists – wondering how do we approach our work culture? What work culture do we have and what values ​​do we really embrace?


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