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Shengelia’s commitment to Georgia with two games in 24 hours …

In just 24 hours, Tornike Shengelia He has played two games in two different countries and with two different teams. On Thursday he was playing with CSKA at home against Bayern Munich in a game that ended up taking the Russian team with 12 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 17 PIR of a Shengelia who played almost 32 minutes. And less than 24 hours later he was on the court to play for Georgia.

His team, part of Spain’s group to qualify for the 2023 World Cup, has played and defeated Ukraine in a tight match on the first day of the FIBA ​​windows. Shengelia has had to travel to attend the meeting directly and has signed 16 points, 13 rebounds and a PIR of 23 in just over 32 minutes of play. 64 minutes and 40 valuation in just 24 hours. After the meeting, he explained his commitment in this way:

«My motivation is the same as when I was a child. My dream, before wanting to go to the NBA, was to play for the national team and for my country. Nothing has changed since then, I’m still equally motivated«.

Along with Shengelia, other talents from the Endesa League have also shone, such as Shermadini (23 points) and Thad McFadden (27 points and a PIR of 29).

Why does Shengelia play the FIBA ​​windows as a Euroleague player?

During these FIBA ​​windows and the previous ones, some players have received permission from their teams to be able to play the matches with their respective national teams, although in most cases they were players with secondary roles. Not so with Shengelia at CSKA.

The signing of the power forward by the Russian team caused some protests by, for example, the president of Georgia, given the existing conflicts between Georgia and Russia. However, Shengelia included in her contract with the Russians a clause that allows you to play for your country whenever required and that the CSKA president himself confirmed. Toko looked like he had to miss the Bayern game if he wanted to play Ukraine but he has been able to be in both commitments.

Your next rival? Spain.

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