Sherif Ekrami scores an own goal: “There is no affiliation and staying with the money”

Sherif Ekrami, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, shocked the fans of the Red Castle with more strange statements after his recent crisis at the club and the announcement of the board of directors that Ikrami’s relationship with Al-Ahly ended and his exit from the team’s accounts for the end of his contract at the end of the current season, and the player became close to joining the Pyramids team, amid strong accusations against a goalkeeper The former red team said that he played a major role in the departure of Ramadan Sobhi, his sister’s husband, from Al-Ahly, to join Pyramids as well.

And it looked as if Sherif Ekramy He scored an own goal, after a series of confessions that put him again the subject of public criticism, after speaking about his refusal to reduce his salary after the Corona pandemic, and his assertion that the absolute belonging to the masses only and that the player’s affiliation is conditional on the physical offer of the club, as well as his knowledge of Abdullah Al-Saeed’s departure from Al-Ahly before the castle Red.

He refused to reduce his salary after Corona

Sherif Ikrami revealed the scenes of the opponent’s decision from the players ’contracts after Al-Ahly was defeated by five against the Sun Downs of South Africa in the last version of the Champions League. Sharif said,“ The role of the team captain is to deliver the players ’voice .. After the Sun Downs match, which we lost by five, we were offered a huge discount of 10 %, And Sayed Abdel Hafeez asked me to inform the players of the decision. I had no doubt that the result was disastrous, but it was necessary to discuss, I was not with the team at the time I was in Egypt.

Ikrami added, “I advised him to wait, and I told him that we have a rematch and after that the Pyramids match, and the time is not right for this matter, especially since the league is at stake, and my opinion has not been approved, and I asked him an incentive to inform the players of the decision and that the return is to cancel this decision in the event of the coronation.” In the Super Cup, “despite the league and Super Cup, Al-Ahly refused to back down from the opponent.

Ikrami continued, “My appearance in front of the players was not appropriate after this situation, and then after the Corona crisis, Abdel Hafeez spoke with us about contract cuts, so I told him is there a crisis? People said you say a crisis, so I told him I did not agree, and I asked him to inform the players.”

Affiliation conditional on remuneration

Sherif Ekrami confirmed that he knew that Abdullah Al-Saeed, the former Red Castle game maker, signed the Zamalek club a few days before the information reached Al-Ahly officials, and added my honor in television statements, there is no such thing as a blank signature and belonging to the player is conditional on the financial return, the absolute affiliation of the fans Only, I knew that Abdullah Al-Saeed made the decision to leave early and signed him to Zamalek before the information reached my family, and I did not talk about the matter because it does not concern me and to preserve my principles, while Ramadan returns to my family or anything else, so the solution is not for my family, after the return of Ramadan and after joining the Shahat we lost from Sun Downs By five.

Violating Al-Ahly’s decision

Sherif Ekrami confirmed that all the players had received a warning from Sayed Al Hafeez, the director of football, to prevent talking on social media, yet he tweeted with the aim of clarifying his position, and Ikrami said, “After my meeting with Syed, he told me that it is forbidden for any player to talk on social media, and I think that Twitter’s tweets were the culprit.

Ikrami indicated that after Ramadan moved to Pyramids, I felt that there was a directive to the fans to accuse me, and I was faced with two solutions, either silence or talk, and I waited for the club’s response to the matter, just as they responded about Walid Suleiman and Ahmed Fathi’s quarrel with Fyler.

His statements conflict with his father

Sherif Ikrami’s statements contradicted his father, former Al-Ahly goalkeeper Ikrami Al-Shahat, who confirmed that he was surprised by his son’s decision to leave Al-Ahly, stressing that he had consulted his father and Ramadan Sobhi about his departure from Al-Ahly at the end of the current season.

Accusation of the current Council of lack of loyalty to the club

Sherif Ikrami accused the current council of insincerity indirectly, saying, “Mahmoud Al-Khatib is the most president present with the team among all the presidents I have dealt with, and he is a man who loves the club, and he has great pressure and fierce war, and that is why his carrying is heavy, and whatever you are an understanding man you need people With you to help you succeed, and most importantly, they are just as faithful as you..


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