Shows: Wendy Ramos and her moving message for women: “Take the decisions

IT IS TIME. The actress gave a lecture in order to invite other women to take control of their lives.

The statements of Wendy Ramos They went viral on Twitter due to their poignant message for women. The actress begins by telling that ten years ago she published a joke on social networks where it is mentioned that the best way to conquer a woman is by ignoring her. Ramos affirms that it is a joke that he would not share today.

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“I think it is a moment where we have to be very attentive because there are things that we have heard all our lives, we have acted in ways that are now inconceivable”, tells the actress at the Aprendemos Juntos conference.

Wendy Ramos He also talks about his experience in the one-man show “Cuerda” where he reflects on the dependence he underwent to please others. “That grabbing the pan by the handle, if that pan is your life, who is grabbing the handle of your pan or someone has it, grab the pan from the handle of your life and decide what you want to do”

“When I was little I had my party and there was this table full of sandwiches, I was in my room and I went out, I stepped on the floor and they told me that you are dirty. I grew up thinking that my party was my guests, my party is not my guests, my party is mine. I cannot be doing what my guests want all the time, make your decisions about what you want to do because they have denied us that possibility for a long time “, ends.


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