Sick Republican Forces US Congress to Wear Face Mask

The President of the United States Congress, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, has imposed the mandatory use of the mask after a member of the House tested positive for the coronavirus. There is a paradox that the ill congressman is a 66-year-old Republican, Louie Gohmert, a representative of Texas and a strong defender of Donald Trump’s ideas in managing the epidemic, who had repeatedly rejected the use of face masks as a protection formula before the Covid-19.

Pelosi explained that representatives can only remove this item when it is their turn to speak, but the rest of the time they remain in the room They must wear it under threat of expulsion. The Democratic leader trusted that all the congressmen fulfill this norm “as a sign of respect for the health, safety and well-being of all those present in the House and its surroundings.”

Over the past two months, up to seven congressional politicians have tested positive for the virus. However, the order comes now, when most of the activity is in person and, above all, the country is witnessing an aggravation of the pandemic. Washington itself has armored itself against 27 other states, subjecting its visitors to quarantines when they arrive in the country’s capital. The decision also represents a new setback for the President of the United States and his persistent rejection of the use of the mask on a regular basis.

A member of his party has been the trigger for this ordinance, although, of course, without letting his guard down in his convictions. Gohmert hinted yesterday that he may have been infected due to sporadic handling of his mask. “I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been able to put some germs or some of the virus in the mask and have inhaled it, I don’t know,” said the congressman, who was planning to accompany Donald Trump, now suspended, on a trip. Who will have to undergo the test will be the United States Attorney General, William Barr, who appeared in Congress on Tuesday and was chatting with Gohmert without anyone protecting their mouths.

The application of the new norm coincides, on the other hand, with the death of businessman Herman Cain, who aspired to the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 and was an ally of Trump. The politician died of complications from the Covid-19 that was diagnosed last month after he attended the controversial meeting of the president in Tulsa (Oklahoma), much criticized because many attendees came without any protection.


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