Silence we play! “Far Cry 6”, “Potion Craft”, “Alan Wake” – Release

This week, alchemy, guerrilla warfare and flashlight batteries.

Silence we play! This is the weekly video game show from Release. With Erwan Cario and his columnists, Patrick Hellio, Julie Le Baron and Marius Chapuis.

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This week, we start by pounding herbs before throwing them in a large cauldron, we stir, we stoke the fire, and presto, we get a wonderful potion a little magic. In Potion Craft, alchemy takes on the air of exploration in a very successful medieval design. We continue with the Ubisoft blockbuster of this end of the year, Far Cry 6. We know the recipe, and if it is perfectly followed, the graphic violence sometimes difficult to bear and the total abandonment of any scriptwriting ambition make the result a little indigestible. We end with the return of the game Alan Wake which benefits from a remaster more than ten years after its release, a godsend for those who could not benefit from this title when it was released.

Jérémie Kletzkine, in his column board games, tells us about So Clover.

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