Silvestre Dangond’s manager asks to be allowed to do concerts, after an event in Bogotá

Silvestre Dangond's manager asks to be allowed to do concerts in Bogotá

© Silvestre Dangond’s Manager – Taken from Instagram @carlosbloom
Silvestre Dangond’s manager asks to be allowed to do concerts in Bogotá

On May 28 they did in the center of Bogota a concert by various artists including Dr. Krápula, Adriana Lucia and other singers who have been visible voices in favor of young people during the national strike.

A large number of people attended this event in which there was no social distancing, but there was a massive attendance of the people who marched through the streets of the capital, to commemorate the month of demonstrations in that city and others.

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Although it is not known how many people came to the National Park for this concert, the images show a large number of inhabitants in this open-air place and that was the input that the manager of Silvestre Dangond to request the reactivation of that sector.

Although the artist has already done virtual concerts since the pandemic began, in none has it been possible to have this number of people enter a stage. However, seeing that this event could have a good audience, it is the indication to ask that they let them do a similar one.

Carlos Bloom used his Twitter account to spread the images of the Dr. Krápula concert in which many people jumped up and chanted his songs.

In one of those messages, he stated that “Equality must be for everyone! So let everyone do the concerts, because we need to work ”, although the artist he represents has already had presentations in the United States.

These are the tweets in which he asked for concerts in Colombia, although Mayor Claudia López pointed out that, despite the fact that after June 8 there will be a reactivation of several sectors, in Bogotá there will not be this type of event yet, but he did say when he will allow them.

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