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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is not only good, it’s design is too chic. Because in addition to being a folding screen smartphone that is compact, easy to carry, fits in a small pocket of a coffee cable. or a trouser pocket ready to go anywhere without difficulty this smart phone It also comes with distinctive colors that go with every style. Including a variety of cases that are available to choose from to match as you wish.

this is not enough because this era is the era of Personalization so that each person can fully express themselves which with the Clear Cover with Ring case that is available at the same time It’s like a large canvas that anyone can style as they like. After Samsung has released the #MyFlipID campaign, there are both KOLs and owners of Galaxy Z Flip3 5G sharing ideas. Decorating this smartphone a lot. Today, Samsung has gathered various ideas for you to see. For anyone who doesn’t know yet How to design this case to be chic and crunchy?

just stick stickers The whiteness leveled up immediately.

Trends put stickers on that device. It can be said that it has been trending since the last model, which when it comes to Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, this can be said that there is no light. Even now, cute sticker shops are full of IG. Whoever likes any shop can follow and look at each other, whether it’s a shop. That comes with the pattern of Little Bear and Little Rabbit. Thebreakfastclub000 Breakfast patterned in extreme stripes or ifoundsomethinggood. With retro dinosaur patterns, it’s equally good. When it arrived, just paste it. That’s all from a cute machine already. will increase the degree of cuteness up to many times

awakening the artist to create the only smartphone in the world

If anyone comes through the art line Try picking up a pen, paintbrush, or even a spray can. Let’s draw lines on the clear case in your favorite style. both floral Geometric lines, cartoon patterns, or even cool graphics. I can assure you that this will be the only item in the world like no other.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

whether still images or moving images Cover Screen of Galaxy Z Flip3 5G can do it all

In addition to decorating the case Another highlight of this smartphone Is the outer screen or Cover Screen that is 4 times larger than the previous model, which gives more space to show images. By the way, it’s very easy to set up. Just go to your smartphone and select the command Settings (Settings) >> Outer Screen (Cover Screen) >> Clock style (Clock style) can use images that are included in the device. Ready to change the color or font style as you want. Or you can use your own image as well. Just press Background Image >> Choose from Gallery and adjust the aspect ratio of the image as you like.

However, if anyone is an ARMY and want to meet young people Bangtan all day, morning, noon, evening, please go straight to download pictures from Whether it’s still images or animated GIF files, it’s all there. After this, just pick it up and look at it all day. and to make more matches Don’t forget to change the wallpaper inside as well.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Come and show your Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in your style and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and attach the hashtag #MyFlipID #GalaxyZFlip3TH. For a chance to win a Loewe bag, Nano Puzzle model, valued at 43,900 baht, available from today – 5 Nov 64 or follow more details at

or anyone who wants to see more ideas Now, 11 well-known brands that you are familiar with are coming together to come up with ideas to customize the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G as well.

For anyone who doesn’t have a Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, go buy it now and still catch up! which can be purchased today at a starting price of 34,900 baht via, Samsung Experience Store and participating stores or see information at

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