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Simulated the death of his son to separate him from the father: they ask for 3.5 years

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It’s January 4, 2016 when lvaro Area, a 26-year-old Galician soldier, goes to the Civil Guard of Los Alczares (Murcia) to ask whether or not he is a father.

His ex-partner, the Ecuadorian waitress Lidia R., 34, with whom he had planned a joint fatherhood that later included a romantic relationship that she cut off in the fifth month of pregnancy, has said no. That there is no baby. Who died in childbirth, a few days before.

Lidia was the same woman who nine months before that moment, in April, when everything was wine and roses, she sent Area a “I’m crazy about you, sweetheart.”

The same one who wrote to her then: “I already told mother that I am going to get pregnant with you.”

Also the same one who shortly afterwards, in October, after breaking up with him and returning to his former partner, had written to him: “I don’t want the baby.” And also, a bit subtle, “abortion Monday.”

So in January, without him having any more news of the subject, but climbing the walls, the agents listen to Area and do not give credit.

They call Lidia, who is person in the place. The woman, supported by her partner at the time, Lucas S.She repeats it: there is no baby, she died in childbirth at the Los Arcos del Mar Menor Hospital.

Area goes home “sunk”. His son has died. “I completely believed it,” he would later tell his friends. But, like the footballer who does not eat the rival’s threat, the next day Rome moves with Santiago and in a few hours receives a call from a position in the Region of Murcia: yes, he is a father.

His son was born, effectively in Los Arcos, on December 31st. But you must hurry: the mother wants to put him up for adoption. She said after the birth that she does not know who the father is, that she does not love the child.

lvaro goes to the hospital, where at that moment he does not scratch anything, but then discover that Lidia has given the boy the name of Lucas, his current partner. Hence, to the courts of San Javier, to denounce.

“The fetus is there”

On leaving, her lawyer calls him, who assures him that it is true, that the child has died in childbirth, that he does not put on his eleven-rod shirt, that “the fetus is there.”

That the gynecologist on duty “became infatuated” with her being born head first, with fatal consequences. That “the monitors went crazy” and “things got out of hand.”

That he does not mess with Lidia and Lucas, that the lawyer himself already intervened in one of his previous brawls and the thing was “terrifying.” That she has chosen Lucas, that life is hard and she has to fit in.

Álvaro, a father who is looking like crazy for a son who doesn’t even know if he exists, goes to the Murcian General Directorate of the Family and there he discovers that he is, in fact, father. His son name is Lucas Fernando. Get a paternity test done by the very fact. We cannot, they answer: the child does not have his surname and was given emergency public guardianship on December 31.

The mother, seeing the cake, has reversed the delivery for adoption after the scene in the Civil Guard, but alleges that it is impossible for Area to be the father because, he assures, he is homosexual and they have never had shared intimacies.

Little Lucas spends five months in a nursery, alone in his landing in this strange life, until DNA analysis shows that lvaro Area, and not Lucas S., is his 99.99% father. The child passes into the mother’s custody, and his father is allowed to take care of him on alternate weekends and weekdays, “but his mother denies me access to him.”

Whenever it is his turn, Area goes to her home in Los Alczares and calls the telephone. Only when the child is one year old, and after several complaints, does he manage to see the son he believed to be dead.

Convicted of injuries

Later, she fights, sometimes physically – she was sentenced in 2017 for injuries from one of her brawls – to achieve joint custody that she finally achieved a month ago now. After believing that his son was dead, being forced to undergo a DNA test to become a father, and fighting to even see him, it takes six years for lvaro Area to be on an equal footing with his mother with respect to his son (a judicial process that deserves another report like this).

And now, six years later also, the news: the Prosecutor of the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 15 of San Javier requests three and a half years in prison for the two defendants, Lidia R. and Lucas S. Two for alteration of paternity, and one and a half for false documents, for registering the child in the Civil Registry with a false father knowingly.

Not only that. Although she denies it, the judge assumes that the woman assured the Civil Guard that the baby had died, “without Lucas Sánchez denying it.” The defendant also maintains that the WhatsApp messages were sent from a cell phone that was not hers, but the magistrate did not believe her either, relying on messages he had on another phone.

His partner is also in a difficult position: although he claims to be unaware that the child was not his, the magistrate believes that he blamed himself when he asked lvaro Area if he was the father of the minor with the following message, in November 2015, which we reproduce in its rough textuality: “I just want to know if you have slept because of her she says that it was not because of the child. [sic]”.

“A nightmare that gave way to another”

The story, which awaits a trial date in these days, revolves around a criminal type of the most common in Spanish jurisprudence: the alteration of filiation, a rara reviews in Spanish legal history, Stolen Children case Besides.

And how has the Galician lvaro Area lived and lives this incredible event? “That day before the Civil Guard I sank, I completely believed that my son had died … But then I activated because I realized that I had to act very fast. I had a nightmare that later gave way to another nightmare”, finished counting their intimates.

This newspaper has tried by all means to contact him, without success. “He does not want to be separated from his son at all, nor that coming to light harms the child,” say those close to him.

Hard question: does he want his son’s mother to go to jail? “He does not seek revenge, but he does seek justice.”

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