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The Minister of Health of Peru, announced on Thursday, September 22, that the use of masks will no longer be mandatory except in hospitals, on public transport and for those who present symptoms of contagion from or other respiratory disease. However, an exact date remained pending regarding when this new government provision applies.

Changes have been made in the regulations. Now the use of masks will only be mandatory in vehicles, hospitals and for anyone who has a clinical order or respiratory process.”, said the head of the Health sector at a conference held at the National Center for Epidemiology, Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), in Jesús María.

He explained that other reasons why this provision is adopted is because Peru has already reached “optimal levels” of vaccination against coronavirus.

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At another time, López Peña estimated that in two weeks the end of the fourth wave of COVID-19 would be announced in Peru, taking into account the decrease in cases of contagion in recent weeks.

He said that Peru is evaluating the possibility of including the new vaccines against COVID-19 in the annual vaccination schedule that are being produced abroad.

After making it known that the new measures on the use of masks, with exceptions, the Minsa shared a publication in which it explains that the measurement will be optional apply in:

  • Open spaces.
  • Closed spaces with ventilation.
  • Educational institutions for students and teachers.

While will continue to be compulsory in:

  • Health establishments.
  • Vehicle land transport vehicle.
  • Closed spaces without ventilation.
  • People with respiratory diseases, both in open and closed spaces.

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Since when does the non-compulsory use of masks apply?

In this regard, Minister López -during the press conference- specified that the The measure will enter into force the day after the regulation is published in the official newspaper El Peruano.. He explained that, previously, it will have to be endorsed in the Council of Ministers, once the ministers return from the United States after attending a meeting at the United Nations Organization (UN).

He added that, this announcement must be made official as of September 23. “It should come out tomorrow because we had to wait for the signing (of the Supreme Decree) of the ministers who are abroad to be completed,” he commented.

However, after this event, the Ministry of Health, through its official Twitter account, responded to a user with the same query about the date that this provision would come into force.

Las measures will take effect on October 1”, replied the account of the Health sector in the aforementioned social network.

Tweet from the Ministry of Health on the date of entry into force on the use of masks optionally in open spaces and closed spaces with ventilation.

As is known, until September 30 the state of emergency by COVID-19 in Peru according to him Supreme Decree 108-2022-PCM, published in the newspaper A Peruvian man.

So it is expected that days before, a new rule will be published where they already have the application of the new measures in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Minister of Health added that another of the measures that will be included in said norm is the obligation to present the vaccination card only to passengers entering Peru from abroad and users of interprovincial transport.


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