?? Sing better than me! ?? Lucero wastes HAPPINESS after her daughter’s musical debut; This was what he said

October 31st Lucero gave a virtual concert where he gave all his fans a great surprise by singing a duet with his daughter Lucerito Mijares, both sang the song “Gloria a ti”, and Manuel Mijares’s ex-wife has been very happy for him. debut your daughter’s musical.

Although in each interview she has given on the subject she is visibly moved, she clarifies that this is not yet her launch as a professional singer, but it was one of the most important things of that night, as it was also daughter of Mijares, she was encouraged to sing with her mother without being a professional artist.

He explained that they did not sing a song of hers, because is he really likes that song. He added that when he asked Lucerito if he wanted to sing with her, he told him that he did not know, and although they saw the possibility of interpreting one of his famous songs, they decided on Rosario’s song, which he affirms that he loved it, because it has a so cute and spiritual lyrics.

Sing better than me …

For some interviews, and on his own channel “Much to tell”, Lucero He has said that many have commented that his daughter sings very well, even better than her, to which she is happy, since she affirms that indeed, she has a great talent, “at her age she wishes she had done the same,” she says.

He added that he thinks she is an exceptional singer because she does it with love, passion and transparency.

The next virtual concert will be the Live Band, on November 28, and Lucero has anticipated that this show will also have very special surprises.


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