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Singapore celebrates the 50th birthday of “Merlion”, the symbol of the nation.

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if you think about Singapore I believe that many people will remember lion spraying water called “Merlion” Of course, because the analogy symbol priceless Singapore which today Kom Chad Luek Online will take you readers to get to know the history of important symbols which has stood with Singapore for a long time

origin of “Merlion” It was not recorded in writing. But there are legends told about the origin of “Merlion” that Prince Saeng Nila Utama of Palembang (Indonesia) who discovered the old port of Temasek. saw a monster that was shaped like lion When I arrived on this island Therefore, the city was renamed as Singhapur or Singapore At present, which has its roots from the Sanskrit words “Singha” and “Pura” which means the city of Singha and has been dubbed another name. “Merlion” from the words “Mer” which means sea and lion which means lion

Later, in 1964, a mythical creature with a head lion and has a fish body was born as a logo for tourism Singapore The design was inspired by a fishing village. combined with Singapura (Lion City) to commemorate the historic moment the island was discovered. “Merlion” It was registered for commercial use on 20 July 1966 and has been in use for 33 years since then until 1997.

Craftsman Lim is carving a small statue of a sea lion.  This is the current Merlion prototype sculpture (photo credit Lim Nang Seng Collection, courtesy of the National Archives of Singapore).

statue part “Merlion” It was built in the year 2515 by local craftsmen. Singapore Named Lim Nang Seng, using a sketch by an artist named Kwan Sai Kieng as the head model. lion And the fish body part comes from a legend that has been passed down from the past. The statue was built to face the sea according to Feng Shui principles. which Mr. Chang Lim, who is the sculptor was selected as a sculptor “Merlion” After he received many prizes from a competition organized by Singapore Tourism


even people Singapore You may not know that Chang Lim did not sculpt. “Merlion” this alone But with the help of his eight children, the older ones climbed onto the scaffolding. and help carve out the eyes of “Merlion” little brother help carve fish scales and fins in the tail of “Merlion” All the children were delighted and proud to help their father in this work. and go to help at the construction site almost every day before going to school and after school


On September 15, 1972, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew presided over the installation and unveiling ceremony. Official “Merlion” at the mouth of the river Singapore by “Merlion” facing east after feng shui believed to bring prosperity to the city This may be the reason why the Merlion statue at Merlion Park has become a popular tourist attraction in the country. Singapore known all over the world

In 1997 the Esplanade Bridge was built. To facilitate traffic from the city to the Marina area. which resulted in the scenery of “Merlion” was obscured, which led to the relocation of Merlion in 2002. Eight locations were selected to be Merlion’s new site. Before it was decided to move the statue “Merlion” Go to One Fullerton shopping center, which is only 120 meters from the original location. Merlion must be located near the mouth of the Singapore River only. due to this area It is an important place in history. Because this is the area where Prince Saeng Nila Utama saw the animal he thought was a lion for the first time.


Did you know that the statue “Merlion” Had been hit by lightning before. On February 28, 2009, it was during a thunderstorm in the late afternoon. causing the parts around the mane to fall until a hole was formed in the wave form at the base of the statue. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident. The Merlion statue has been closed for about a month for refurbishment and safe installation of lightning protection.

statue “Merlion” Has become the most famous tourist attraction ofSingapore whoever comes Singapore Must not miss to visit this Merlion later in 2018 Singapore Tourism has released a cartoon Merlion by name “Nong Merly” to attract children and youth, which has been highly successful. The cuteness of Merley was able to quickly win over the hearts of the audience. Since then, Merlion and Merly It serves to tell the legend of the past in the past. And ready to create many new chapters about the Merlion. and sister Merly next

for art lovers can visit art exhibitions about “Merlion” at the National Gallery of Singapore at the event “Nothing is Forever: Rethinking Sculpture in Singapore” And for those who are interested in baking, you can sign up for a Merly cookie-making class with RedMan Baking Studio.

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