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In response to the worrying developments surrounding the spread of COVID-19, Sint Vincentius Hospital has tightened up the measures in the hospital. The measures took effect yesterday, reports the hospital management.

One of the measures is that visitors, outpatient clients and employees will be screened at the entrance of the hospital on the Prins Hendrikstraat. In addition, care will be taken to ensure that the rules regarding prevention of COVID-19 in hospital are complied with.

Measures have also been taken for visitors and patients. These are:
– Visitors / patients / clients are only allowed to enter the hospital with mouth cover via the main entrance on Prins Hendrikstraat;

-Only the client who already has an appointment with the specialist and cito referrals known to the specialist will be admitted;

-A maximum of five clients per clinic will be admitted;

-If the client is in need of help, a supervisor is allowed to help. Clients who need help without a supervisor will have to provide assistance to the desk clerk;

-Visiting time for all departments is from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Only one visitor per patient will be admitted to the nursing wards;

-The X-ray department and the laboratory are only open to clinical and cito outpatients;

-If there is a suspicion of a possible infection with the coronavirus, you will be treated according to the national plan of action;

– Visitors must always follow the instructions of the personnel present;

-If someone does not follow these measures, admission to the hospital may be refused.


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