Six-year-old iPhone 6S gets iOS 15

become a lifetime Telephone iPhone 6S من a company Apple six years in September, which is a long life for a smartphone.

And if you’ve had such a device for a long time, Apple said this phone is eligible for the iOS 15 update when it hits the public this fall.

The iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the first generation iPhone SE, which all shipped with iOS 9, will be among the earliest devices to receive the operating system update.

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Six years is too long for any mobile device. The iPhone 6S is the oldest supported smartphone to date.

The iPhone 5S was five years old when it got the latest operating system update with iOS 12. But it didn’t qualify for the operating system. iOS 13.

On the Android side, Samsung has taken steps to improve the life of its devices by offering four years of security support for some of its phones.

But six years of operating system updates and security support puts the iPhone 6S in a completely different place.

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iPhone 6S still supported:

There are certainly a lot of new features that won’t work with the six-year-old’s A9 Bionic processor.

Features such as Visual Lookup, Live Text in Photos, Portrait Mode in FaceTime, and immersive walking directions in Maps will not be available to iPhone 6S users. That’s given that all of these features are needed in a device with an A12 Bionic chip similar to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR or later.

Newer software can also slow down an old phone with an old and less intelligent processor. But that may not necessarily be the case, as reports haven’t found a significant impact on performance when using iOS 14 over iPhone 6S.

And what may be an even bigger problem, as both testers note, is that the iPhone 6S shows its age with twice the battery life.

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And features like widgets are more difficult to use on the phone’s 4.7-inch screen, which is smaller than standard screens of six inches or more.

However, iPhone 6S owners still receive potentially useful updates like notification summaries and focus modes to reduce interruptions throughout the day.

Additionally they get to share video and music on Facetime. Along with added privacy features like a seven-day app privacy report to keep track of how apps use your information.

And there are also the security patches and bug fixes that come with throughout the year with iOS 15.

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