Ski resorts in the canton of Schwyz will open on January 2nd – government wants to avoid “isolated solutions”


Ski resorts in the canton of Schwyz will open on January 2nd – government wants to avoid “isolated solutions”

The ski areas in the canton of Schwyz can be reopened from Saturday, January 2nd – earlier than planned.

Skiers on Stoos.

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The Schwyz government council decided to reopen the ski areas on January 2nd. Since practically all ski areas in Central Switzerland and the surrounding cantons of Glarus and St. Gallen are open, the Schwyz government council wants to “avoid an isolated solution”, as it says. With an isolated solution in which only the ski areas in the canton of Schwyz remain closed, skiing would be relocated to the surrounding cantons, it said. The original plan was not to reopen the ski areas until January 8th. This means that only the ski areas in the canton of Lucerne remain closed in Central Switzerland. This until at least January 8th.

The opening of the ski areas in the Canton of Schwyz will take place after consultation with the hospitals. In the canton of Schwyz, the occupancy rate in the intensive care unit was 67 percent on Wednesday: of a total of 9 places in the intensive care unit in the three hospitals, five are occupied by Covid 19 patients, three beds are free.

Capacity limited to two thirds

The government council has also tightened the conditions for issuing an operating license. In addition to the applicable protection concepts, no alcohol is sold in any of the ski areas in order to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum. Fun parks remain closed. Snowboard jumps or daring jumps with the alpine skis are made impossible. The total number of visitors in the ski areas is limited to a maximum of two thirds of the peak frequencies. In addition, a prevention campaign is being launched in the ski areas that calls for careful driving. Piste speeders are under strict observation and should be disciplined accordingly. The restaurants and bars will remain closed.

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The Schwyz ski areas had come together at short notice and without a legal framework in order to seek talks with the government after the decision to close. In a joint communication from the ski areas on Thursday, it said: “We are aware of the current tense situation in health care and take responsibility to strictly implement the requirements and to make skiing as safe and accident-free as possible. The ski companies are convinced that, with the winter sports enthusiasts’ personal responsibility, foresight and common sense, they can keep the accident rate low and thus keep the burden on the hospitals as low as possible. ” One is aware that due to changing signs, the ski areas can be closed immediately without prior notice.

The government council urgently appeals to the residents and guests of the canton of Schwyz to take personal responsibility and to consistently follow the protection concepts of the ski areas and the associated requirements. The situation is constantly being analyzed and a withdrawal of the license is possible at any time, depending on the development of the epidemiological situation.

The Federal Office of Public Health reported 116 new Covid-19 infections for the canton of Schwyz on Wednesday, and 84 on Tuesday.

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