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Slank’s Story Once ‘borrowed’ Kaka from his Band, Makki: Until Now It Hasn’t Been Back and forth – All Pages

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Before becoming the permanent vocalist of Slank, Kaka was originally just a loan player from Makki’s band.

HAI-Online.com – Before becoming a permanent vocalist Slim, it turns out that Kaka was once in the band belonging to bassist Ungu, Makki. Even Makki revealed, the joining of Kaka to Slim when it was actually just ‘borrowed’.

The guy whose full name is Makki Omar Parikesit admitted that he had often hung out at Potlot before Slim started recording for their first song.

“Oh I’ve been hanging out at Potlot since high school. From before Slim recording, I’ve been hanging out there,” said Makki to Kompas.com when met in the Antasari area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (1/12/2021).

Kaka himself was originally the vocalist of his band before he joined Slim.

He also revealed the reason for being able to play in Potlot before Slim started recording their first song and album.

“I’m in a band with Mas Bimbim’s younger brother, Mas To. Because I’m in a band with Mas To, the training is in Potlot. So it’s my turn, today Slim practice, the next day my band,” recalled Makki.

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Now about the origin of Kaka as Slank’s vocalist, Makki revealed that the absence of Slank’s vocalist at that time made them take the initiative to ‘borrow’ Kaka from his band.

“One day, the vocalist Slank couldn’t sing, couldn’t perform, (finally) borrowed Kaka (from my band),” said Makki Ungu.

However, Kaka, who is a loan player, does not return to Makki’s band, now known as the permanent vocalist of Slank.

“Until now, borrowing has not kept going back and forth. I have told Mas Bimbim, ‘Mas, Kaka return it, my band can’t run,'” Makki joked.

Fortunately, Makki and his bandmates don’t have a problem with Kaka’s permanent move to Slank.

Because on the other hand, according to Makki, the band at that time was not very active because of the busyness of each personnel, including continuing their education.

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