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MLB is severely punished, Reds Fam cannot participate until the match on the 30th

The Major League Baseball Organization announced on the 28th that it has imposed a three-game suspension on outfielder Tommy Pham of the Reds. Before the match on the 27th (28th), he was slapped by Giants outfielder Joc Pederson. The statement also stated that it also imposed a fine of undisclosed amount.

The incident happened before the Reds-Giants match on the 27th (28th). Fam and Pederson quarrel over the NFL simulation game, and Fam slaps Pederson’s cheek. After that, the players of both armies got into a conflict.

Even in the match on the 27th (28th), Fam missed the starting lineup just before the start of the match and did not participate as it was. The suspended suspension will be applied retroactively until the 29th (30th).

(Full-Count editorial department)

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