Slepakov’s wife filed for divorce after learning about his affair with Khodchenkova

At one time, the comedian was credited with an affair with a showman.

Elena Borshcheva. Photo:

Comedian Elena Borshcheva hinted that her colleague Semyon Slepakov had an affair with actress Svetlana Khodchenkova. At the same time, she did not confirm that she herself met with the comedian only saying that, perhaps, she once liked the star, but today it is already a mystery covered in darkness.

Semen Slepakov
Semen Slepakov. Photo:

“I have two daughters and a husband! You’d better call Khodchenkova and ask her about it. I asked Senya. He said that “there was nothing.” Although I have heard, a lot has been written about it in the press ”.

Elena Borshcheva

Note that at one time after the closure of “Nasha Rashi” Semyon Slepakov began to write scripts for films. Svetlana Khodchenkova played in the film “House Arrest” based on his script. She asked for an erotic pole dance to be included in the film. The comedian could not resist her charm, admiring the magnificent stretching. So their romance began – beautiful, but fast.

In September 2019, Khodchenkova appeared in a pair with Slepakov at the GQ Person of the Year ceremony. Even then, it became clear that the showman was not going smoothly in his personal life. Soon these rumors were confirmed.

Recall that Semyon Slepakov broke up with his wife, the daughter of the oligarch Karina Avanesyan, reports “TVNZ”.

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