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Smartphone – The big flop has its heyday in Hollywood


In the film “Don’t Look Up”, actor Leonardo DiCaprio manipulates a device whose marketing has been a bitter failure.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence star in the film “Cosmic Challenge”, the Hydrogen One device in the spotlight.

netflix/red hydrogen/photomontage

You have to be a connoisseur to guess the brand of the smartphone that Leonardo Dicaprio holds in the film “Don’t look up: cosmic challenge”. And no need to look for product placement for the latest novelty from Apple and another Samsung. The answer is indeed a device whose commercial failure was recorded in 2019. The Hydrogen One, that’s its name, had been promoted as a 3D holographic screen smartphone by RED, the renowned brand of cameras in Hollywood.

Unconventional design

But why did you choose him? Adam McKay explained this in the podcast of the site CNET. The director of the film was looking for a smartphone that did not look like today’s standards. It was his props who brought him the solution. “And I started playing with it. I wondered why they didn’t take it out. But apparently it was not technically suitable for consumers, ”recalled Adam McKay.

The Hydrogen One model had already been noticed this year in the hands of several characters in the action film “Fast and Furious 9”.


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