Smilegate releases another world fantasy RPG “OUTERPLANE” real machine video showing gorgeous action performances of characters-Bahamut

Smilegate opened today to the public for the first time and is operated by VGAMEA different world fantasy mobile phone RPG developed by SOUTERPLANE(Korean: 아우터플레인)” real machine video.

  《OUTERPLANE“Is a turn-based RPG with a fantasy world view as the background. It features 3D comic-style characters, strategic turn-based battles, and gorgeous action performances. In addition, animation-style character art drawings and charming stories are also added to the game.

The real machine video released this time can confirm the gorgeous action performances of the characters on the game and the strategic battle scenes when confronting the BOSS. Officials pointed out that the characters in the game are made of comic-style 3D models, which can further highlight their vivid expressions and actions.

  VGAMES said, “OUTERPLANE“Currently under development with the goal of launching in South Korea next year, after the actual video released this time, we also plan to release information such as character introduction videos and battle scenes.VGAMES’official Youtube channel and website are also expected to release more information on character introductions and development progress.


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