SMS messages exchanged between Michel Fourniret and his ex-wife Monique Olivier on the evening of the disappearance

At the end of the hearing of Monique Olivier on Friday, the ex-wife of Michel Fourniret, the latter’s lawyer, Me Richard Delgenes, had indicated to the press that Judge Sabine Kheris had questioned her on ” SMS exchanges between (…) Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier over key periods ”.

According to a source close to the matter, several SMS were exchanged between them on the evening of January 9, 2003, the date of the disappearance of the nine-year-old girl in Guermantes (Seine-et-Marne).

Justice, which ignores the content of these messages, tries to determine if the “Ogre of the Ardennes” would not have informed his wife – whom he often kept informed of his actions – on what he was doing. do that night.

The analysis of the serial killer’s lines is an old request from the lawyers of Estelle Mouzin’s father, claimed since 2006, but it had not been done until recently.

Michel Fourniret, 78, indicted in November for “kidnapping and sequestration followed by death”, had ended up confessing in March his responsibility in the case. “I recognize there a being who is no longer there by my fault”, he had declared to the judge.

He had also considered “relevant” the fact that the body of the girl could be in one of his former properties in the Ardennes.

In August, Monique Olivier, who had already accused her ex-husband of the murder of the girl, had in turn been indicted for “complicity” in the facts.

Before the magistrate, who took over the conduct of this case in 2019, she had specified that Michel Fourniret had kidnapped, raped and killed Estelle Mouzin in a house, in Ville-sur-Lumes (Ardennes) and that he had returned to their home. home around 4:30 am.

This house, which had belonged to Fourniret’s late sister, as well as the castle of Sautou – a former property of the killer – were the subject of searches at the end of June by the investigators, who however did not allow to find the corpse. .

While time is running out, due in particular to the deterioration of Michel Fourniret’s neurological state, the investigating judge has planned a trip with the two ex-spouses on October 15 in Guermantes then another in the Ardennes at the end. of the month.


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