Social Security: My domestic worker has covid: steps to follow to process the withdrawal

It is the employee who has to request direct payment of the leave to Social Security without the need for prior communication from the employer

The processing of sick leave during this sixth wave has become a problem in many companies, but also in households in which the domestic worker has tested positive. If in some cases it is already being difficult to formalize the withdrawal itself, how to manage that of someone who works for us? To resolve doubts, Social Security has sent a message to families with what they should do if a household employee is infected with coronavirus.

According to the agency, the employer does not have to communicate anything to the Social Security Institute. It is, therefore, the employee who has to request direct payment from the INSS. “The days you are off work you will only quote the part of the employer’s fee,” they explain. From the fourth to the eighth day of sick leave, it is the contracting party (the family) who must pay the benefit. As of the eighth day, Social Security will take care of it.

In this way, the household employee has to unsubscribe. To do this, you must request it from your family doctor and present the IT signed by the employer to the INSS. It can be done through the Internet in the Special System for Domestic Employees of the Social Security page.

The domestic employee who provides his services less than 60 hours a month can manage his registration and cancellation in the electronic office when agreed with the employer.

Likewise, when it is accepted that the worker takes leave, the Resolution of leave will be issued in the Special System for Domestic Employees, which may be printed by the applicant.

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