[Société] Dengue kills two

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Dengue 2 – Coronavirus 0. This is the sad result that the ARS has just obtained, engaged in the fight against the vector to stop the dengue virus. Since 2017, the agency has deplored more than 20 dead, a large part of which is directly to be credited to the Tiger mosquito, the spread of which it cannot manage to control. Since the start of the year alone, nearly 2,200 cases of dengue fever have been reported. The month of January started with 144 patients but the mosquito – failing to be effectively tracked – began to contaminate 150 then 200 and almost 400 unhappy and unhappy people per week.

Opposite – and it is fortunate – the Coronavirus score remained blank. Fortunately, the containment measures, imposed on the Reunionese, were taken in time by the prefecture and respected almost to the letter. Thus, the department does not deplore for the moment any death related to the pandemic. Since the appearance of the first Covid-19 case on March 11, 334 contaminations have been reported, mostly imported.

Last night, Doctor François Chieze recalled the obvious and distilled his good advice to avoid catching the Coronavirus in concert with dengue fever. “There is a real risk of association of pathologies which is getting worse, Covid on the one hand, dengue on the other and other diseases. When a person is affected by dengue, their immunity is reduced. She is all the more sensitive to Covid-19 disease. This is why the population must welcome, respecting the barrier gestures, the agents of Sdis and the vector control to maintain the pressure against Dengue. “ Isn’t it crazy?

Eric Lainé



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