Son of the Mexican ambassador in Belgium, the victim of the assault that Porsche was driving in Benito Juárez

Capital authorities identified the victim of the assault in the mayor Benito Juarez and that he was driving a Porsche, like Eduardo Granguillhomeson of Rogelio Granguillhome, Mexican ambassador to Belgium.

The victim was admitted to a hospital for a facial injury after attempting to Assault on Revolution Avenue and its intersection with Calle 2, in the San Pedro de los Pinos neighborhood.

Late Thursday night, subjects tried to dispossess him of the vehicle he was driving and shot him in the face.

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According to the first reports, when the victim was waiting for the traffic light to change, a subject tried to dispossess him of the vehicle, for which he accelerated and collided with another car and, at that moment, the probable perpetrator fired a shot.

Upon arrival, the officers observed a man inside a white high-end vehicle, with visible blood stains, for which they requested medical support.

Paramedics diagnosed gunshot firearm on one of the cheeks, for which he was immediately transferred to a hospital.

At the moment, they carry out the analysis of the video surveillance cameras of Mexico City to locate the possible aggressor, who has already been identified.

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