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Sony: a “spartacus” project to compete with Xbox Game Pass on PS4 and PS5

Bloomberg drops a bombshell by announcing that Sony has plans to launch its own subscription service to compete with Xbox Game Pass. And this one would have the code name “spartacus”.

Sony seems determined to show its muscles in the face of Microsoft. Indeed, it seemed surprising that the Japanese firm remains so inert in front the power of Xbox Game Pass. the Xbox subscription service that gives access to a huge catalog of games, and who at the last news counted over 18 million subscribers. But the recreation now seems to be over, it’s time for the “spartacus” project.


Our colleagues from Bloomberg have had the chance to consult documents that present the sketches of the project, which we recognize is still unclear. However we know that he should benefit owners of PS4 and PS5.
Indeed it seems wise to rely on a large fleet of consoles to get off on the right track, with more than 115 million consoles for the PlayStation 4 and 10 million consoles for its little sister.


The launch would be scheduled for the spring 2022 without further details for the moment. And the subscription system would break down into 3 very distinct offers:

  • The 1st offer would be modeled on the advantages of the current PlayStation Plus.
  • The 2nd offer would open access to a PS4 and PS5 games catalog.
  • The 3rd offer would unlock in addition game streaming and access to a PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP game catalog.

To do so, Sony would consider terminate PlayStation Now to make room for PS More with why not versions – Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate -. Clearly we could speak here of a merger of the two entities to gain in readability.


Again this is a big question to which we do not have an answer, however as the lowest subscription level keeps the same advantages of the PS Plus, we can imagine that it would not budge in terms of tariff. Regarding the highest grade of subscription, it should not exceed (at least we hope) the price of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate set at € 12.99 per month.

As a reminder, the number of subscribers to PS Plus peaked at over 46 million users. In other words, an upgrade to higher subscriptions would provide a nice financial windfall for Sony. However, there is no guarantee that this would make the service profitable. We want proof of this with Microsoft, which does not still not meet its costs.

What do you think of this position, and will you take the plunge if this is confirmed?

Source : www.bloomberg.com


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