Sony Playstation 5: when it comes, what it costs

The Japanese electronics company Sony has the start of sales and price of the Playstation 5 announced. The new console will go on sale November 12th in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. From November 19th it will be available in the “Rest of the World” and thus also in Germany.

The new one should cost Playstation 499.99 euros, a version without a drive costs 399.99 euros. Pre-orders will be possible from selected retailers from Thursday.

Last week, Sony had a competitor Microsoft the start date and price the new Xbox announced. From November 10, the console with the title Xbox Series X will also land in stores for around 500 euros. A Series S of the new Xbox, which should be less powerful, appears for 300 euros.

The announcements from the two console manufacturers had been expected by gamers; in April Sony had published the design of the new controller for the first time.

With games like “Final Fantasy XVI” and a “Harry Potter” role-playing game called “Hogwarts Legacy”, new titles for the Playstation 5 were also presented. In June there was already a series of games for the upcoming console been revealed, including “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”.

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