Soy reaches US $ 432 per ton and sets a new record

The local operator Futures and Options (FyO) mentions the “already scarce stocks (of Soy), which is expected to be further reduced, “and Brazil’s limited inventories for its industries. Additionally,” concerns remain about the dry climate in South America, which could put production potential at risk, “FyO added.

With these futures values ​​the prices soybean record exceeded those recorded in mid-2016 in the Chicago Market, the last recorded maximum.

The prices of the corn, for their part, exhibited increases, of u $ s0.5 to u $ s167 per ton for January 2021, in its fourth consecutive day of increases, due to “the diminished supply of cereal available globally,” said the BCR.

The price of the wheat ascended US $ 1.7 per ton and US $ 220 was agreed, also in the position January 2021, in a day led by technical purchases, the Rosario stock market concluded.

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