Spacebase Startopia will be released in 2021 for the Switch

The publisher Kalypso Media and the developer Realmforge Studios have announced that the construction management simulation Spacebase Startopia released in 2021 for the Switch. A more specific date will follow later.

A new video about the game Spacebase Startopia has also been released, which answers seven key questions and contains a little new gameplay. Below is a description from the Steam site:


“Help, we’re all going to die … what … oh, sorry, my system is still old. [Alter Speicherstand wird gelöscht] – So, very good!… WELCOME to the Spacebase Startopia! I’m VAL, the helpful and efficient space station AI!

According to my records, this station has not been used in the past 17 years! Very strange. You also seem to be the only reasoned life in this sector. Well then, CONGRATULATIONS! I hereby officially appoint you the commander of this space station! Hopefully you are more successful than your predecessor, who according to the logbook of worm-like aliens … Oh, not so important!

Before the same happens to you, there is still a lot to do for you. Among other things, the development of further sectors, the maintenance of the three vital decks as well as the acquisition and fun of our extraterrestrial visitors, who always provide us with enough energy for our world-improving plans. And before I forget – it’s probably just a bug in my security logs anyway, but my sensors show all sorts of hostile creatures in all other sectors …

So what are we waiting for? Run to the aliens! Let’s conquer space together. ”

Spacebase Startopia impresses with its original mix of business simulation and development strategy, paired with classic RTS skirmishes and a good dose of humor. A competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players is added to the challenging single player campaign and the varied combat mode. And as if the maintenance of the three space station decks, the fun of the eight extraterrestrial alien races and the defense against enemy intruders are not challenging enough, the dynamic narrator AI “VAL” does not take a leaf out of the mouth and gives a sharp comment on the events.

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