SpaceX will help photograph Earth with upcoming Starlink launch

SpaceX’s Starlink project is still active and will be used to launch Planet satellites that take photos of our planet in passing.

SpaceX and Elon Musk are still enjoying the honeys of success after their joint mission with the POT which resulted in something historic. But the company apparently hasn’t slowed down for a second.

For some days, it leaked into the content of an internal email from Elon musk where it was revealed that now the highest priority of the company is the project of its Starship rocket.

But there are too many active things inside SpaceX and many of them are still undeniably important. Like for example your next release of Starlink.

This satellite network seems to be a minor project for the firm. But it also works as the conduit to strengthen the telecommunications infrastructure of other companies, such as Planet.

According to reports The Verge, the company specialized in photographing the Earth from space, Planet (duh), has announced the launch of six new SkySat satellites.

And to achieve this, he will resort to SpaceX with its shared travel program. This one works similar to a carpool and at a rate of USD $ 500 per kilo carried, the guys from Elon Musk can upload satellites from other companies into space on their Falcon 9 rockets.

They will be six satellites the size of a washing machine, each weighing 110 kilos. Three will be sent in June and three in July. To add a total of 21 SkySat devices in orbit to 450 kilometers above Earth.

With this Planet will be able to take pictures of some global locations up to 12 times a day, with a global average of seven times a day. All with a higher image quality and with a minimum time difference.


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