Spain allows swimming in the sea again

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EIt’s a whole new experience. Summer is coming, but the Spanish beaches first belong to the locals – and not everywhere. The government’s multi-stage easing plan has created a colorful map. Only part of the country moved into the second phase on Monday, which allows swimming again. Until then, for example, only walks on the beach were possible in Mallorca. On the Balearic Islands, the Canaries and on the Andalusian coast, the inhabitants can cool off in the sea and have an unusual amount of space. Because foreign bathers will not be allowed to arrive in the next few weeks, either from the interior or from abroad. Only at the end of June is the “new normal” to be achieved, which will bring back freedom of travel to the Spanish in their own country.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez also hopes foreign tourists for July. His government is negotiating bilateral agreements with countries such as Germany, France and the UK to return vacationers, the Spanish Foreign Ministry said. There is probably not enough time to find a common solution in the European Union for opening the borders.

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The calm of the summer rush is not inconvenient for the local authorities. With fewer bathers, you can try out how they implement the new Ministry of Health regulations. In view of the fun-loving crowds of previous years, the requirements seem almost out of touch with the world. It is not the water that is the dangerous factor, but the proximity among the bathers. The combined effect of salty sea water, ultraviolet solar radiation and the high temperature are beneficial for the deactivation of pathogens.

The distance between people is important. The government recommends at least four meters between the parasols and two meters between the loungers. At the water, a wide strip should remain free for walkers. The Ministry of Health is also concerned about the strong sea breeze, which may spread airborne particles and increase the risk of infection. So far, one cannot get excited about partition walls made of plexiglass, such as those used in Italy.



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