Spanish Court of Accounts, about to seize Catalan independentists

Madrid, Oct 14 (EFE) .- The Spanish Court of Auditors has ruled that “the seizure” of the assets of some thirty former high-ranking officials in Catalonia is proceeding for alleged responsibility in promoting the illegal independence process in that region abroad. Spanish with public money.

This body, which oversees the economic-financial activity of the Spanish public sector, has rejected the guarantees worth 5.4 million euros (6.3 million dollars) presented in its favor by the current Catalan regional government, formed and directed by independentistas.

These guarantees were intended to cover the accounting responsibility of 28 people, including former Catalan independence presidents Artur Mas and Carles Puigdemont, former vice president Oriol Junqueras and former councilor Raül Romeva.

Junqueras and Romeva, among other Catalan leaders, were sentenced to prison in 2019 for sedition in relation to the unconstitutional independence process of 2017, while Puigdemont remains abroad fled from the Spanish Justice, which claims him for the same facts.

In a letter to which EFE had access, the investigator of the case, Esperanza García Moreno, rejects the validity of these guarantees, and establishes that “the seizure of the assets and rights of the people who, having been declared alleged accountable responsible, proceeds they provided the aforementioned guarantees “.

It is a precautionary measure to ensure the amounts claimed in this procedure, recalls the resolution, against which there is an appeal within five days.

The Court of Accounts rejects the guarantees, presented through the Catalan Institute of Finance, by interpreting that the law does not allow public coverage to be given to the private assets of the people at the service of the Administration “who have acted with intent, or gross negligence or fault in the generation of the damage, whether it is caused to that person or to third parties “.

The guarantees were supported by a Complementary Risk Fund created by the Catalan executive and subsequently backed by the regional Parliament, with a pro-independence majority, to cover the claimed guarantees of 5.4 million euros in total.

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