Speed ​​riding: Valentin Delluc assaulting the Alpine massifs!

Valentin Delluc is a man in a hurry! Professional speed rider in need of glide and sensation, the native of Morzine (Haute-Savoie) took advantage of the last fine days before confinement to take out his sail, put on his skis and set off to attack the Hautes-Alpes massifs and Ecrins. Without waiting for the first snowfall, Valentin Delluc hurtled down the slopes of rocks, grass and earth before taking a superb ride on the splendid lake of Serre-Ponçon, winched by a boat. Breathtaking images !

Speed ​​rider Valentin Delluc taming the Col d’Izoard. © RED BULL

Valentin Delluc, one of the best speed riders in the world

Sometimes with his feet on the ground, sometimes with his head in the clouds, Valentin Delluc has followed the trajectory rather classic of the mountain kid focused on sport. Passed by alpine skiing, freestyle, freeride and paragliding, he decided to combine all his knowledge to fly to a discipline then in full development: speed-riding (mixing freeride and paragliding). Very quickly, he became one of the best in the world. He won his first competitions and even dominated the Speed ​​Riding Tour in 2014. But it was in 2018 that Valentin Delluc made himself known to the general public by unveiling Moonline video, in which he flies over Chamonix at night and in speed riding. At the end of 2020, deprived of the first snowflakes, Valentin still decided to make a breathtaking new video.

Valentin Delluc towed by a boat on the Serre-Ponçon lake. © RED BULL

“I didn’t experience the end of last season very well, because I was only able to ski for two months. I was very excited to find these sensations that I had missed so much, ”says Valentin. “But as much to say that this filming, once again, made me lose all my bearings. Ants in your feet when you slide on pebbles, falls much more painful than on snow, the incredible sensation of floating above water… Another memorable and exceptional memory to hang on the board ”, concludes the French speed rider.

Speed ​​rider Valentin Delluc in Les 2 Alpes. © RED BULL

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