Spicy bill pass from Cinthia Fernández to Martín Baclini in full mobile: “He complained and I made him famous”

In good relationship with your ex partner Cinthia Fernández, Martín Baclini gave a mobile to BLUE to confirm your participation in the salsa de a tres next to The Polish Y Barby Silenzi in The academy and could not avoid a spicy bill pass from the panelist.

“El Polaco called me because I have a good vibe with him since Dancing in 2019, which I did with Cinthia and he with Noelia Marzol. He called me and I recovered. I loved the idea and I accepted, “said the businessman, after the controversy that caused it to come to light that he said no to Luciana Salazar when he made the same proposal.

Following his story, Angel de Brito he asked Baclini: “How are the rehearsals going? Because the Pole always tells me ‘you never give me a 10′”.

“In Dancing he complained and I made him famous,” Cinthia shot. Attentive to the stick, De Brito said: “Don’t start to freak him out.” And Baclini reacted: “How heavy!”

Without having that claim, Martín replied and included his ex-girlfriend in his response again, without imagining that she would retaliate him with a mischievous bill. “I think a 10 is a lot, but a 7, an 8 … With Cinthia you gave us many 10Baclini noted.

Always spicy, Fernández lashed out with an unfiltered chicane: “He complained and I made him famousAttentive to the stick, De Brito said: “Don’t start to freak him out, Cinthia.” And Martín Baclini reacted with humor: “How heavy!”

Sharp reaction from Cinthia Fernández upon learning that Martín Baclini will dance with El Polaco and Barby Silenzi at La Academia

In harmony with her ex-boyfriend Martín Baclini, Cinthia Fernández could not avoid chicanearlo when he found out that the businessman will return to the track of ShowMatch in the sauce of three, by the hand of The Polish Y Barby Silenzi.

“I’m going to dance with Lizardo ponce and with the pump Jose. You have to put up with it. They all said no, “the LAM panelist began by telling Ángel de Brito, confirming her presence in the special rhythm of La Academia.

Then he gave a hard stick to Baclini, with whom he did a Dancing two years ago: “They had to call dancers, not plywood“.


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