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‘Spider-Man’ tops global box office with $1 billion in 2021

“No Way Home” features a cast of stars, including Tom Holland as the titular hero, and Zendaya as his girlfriend MJ. In an additional bond with the Marvel universe, Benedict Cumberbatch plays charming neurosurgeon Dr. Strange. Other actors from the “Spider-Man” series also appear. Related social media hype has drawn fans out of their homes to go to theaters, and there was only one showing available for No Way Home.

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Sing 2, which received 67% of reviews from critics, is a follow-up to the coming-of-age animal animated feature produced by Comcast’s Universal Pictures. The image includes the voices of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson. Universal said the five-day North American show totaled $41 million, including about $1.6 million from some limited Thanksgiving weekend deals.

Warner Bros. movie “The Matrix Resurrections” came in third with $12 million. The film features Keanu Reeves as “Neo”, a gravity-defying computer programmer, and Carrie-Ann Moss, his dangerous girlfriend whom he lovingly takes care of. The film, in an attempt to revive the franchise after an 18-year hiatus, premiered in cinemas and on streaming service HBO Max, potentially undermining the box office. About 68% of critics recommend it, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

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“ComScore” said that the movie “The King’s Man”, which talks about the events that preceded the series of spy films (Kingsman), produced by “Disney 20th Century Studios” and starring Ralph Phineas, $6.35 million.


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