SPKC receives information that general practitioners do not enroll seniors in the queue due to uncertainty about the supply of vaccines – Society and Politics – News

The SPKC explains that the organizers of the vaccination process have called on GPs to form a queue so that, once the vaccines are available, everyone who has applied and been queued can be vaccinated gradually and sequentially. Vaccines will be delivered gradually to doctor’s practices each week.

As reported, the Vaccination Project Office informed LETA that by continuing to vaccinate seniors over the age of 70 against Covid-19, today more than 8,300 seniors at that age will receive an invitation to contact their GP for a vaccination.

The invitation will be sent via text message and also by e-mail. Invitations are sent using the contact information provided by seniors when applying to “manavakcina.lv” or by phone 8989. The invitation is sent to those residents who wanted to be vaccinated in an area where his family doctor’s practice is also available and this family doctor’s practice provides vaccination services.

A total of 521 family doctors throughout Latvia will provide gradual vaccination of the seniors addressed today. It is the responsibility of the GP to include these people in the vaccination line of their GP practice.

Vaccination in Latvia is based on the principle of priority groups – currently the vaccination of the third priority group has been started, in which the vaccine against Covid-19 can be received by seniors over the age of 70 who have applied for the vaccine in one of three ways – at “manavakcina.lv”, by phone 8989 or your family doctor.

Residents who are over the age of 70 and have not yet applied for their vaccine are invited to register with their family doctor, by calling 8989 or on the website “manavakcina.lv”.


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