Splinter Chabot wants to keep learning during the talk show: ‘I am a Willie Carrot’ | NOW

Splinter Chabot sees his first talk show of his own SPLNTR!, which starts on Sunday evening, as a playground where he can continue to learn.

“It keeps inventing while we are at it”, 24-year-old Chabot tells NU.nl. “I am a Willie Wortel, also in the broadcasts themselves. And maybe it will go wrong one time, but that should be possible.”

Despite this, he is strict with himself. “As a child I was not the easiest for my teachers and teachers, but I think I am the strictest for myself. That is part of the game and it keeps me sharp.”

Chabot talks in his talk show, which is recorded weekly in advance, with guests of various backgrounds. “We don’t have to focus solely on current events, that gives freedom. There are already plenty of programs that do that. But you want to have the feeling of that week. The program revolves around the story of the guests: their message, passion. , drives and struggles. “

Each broadcast starts with one guest on the couch, to end with three guests. “The first is Joy Delima, a very talented actress, but she also has a column about sex. I also want to show that people are not one thing.”

‘These are all presents that I can unwrap’

Singer Froukje and kickboxer Levi Rigters will also visit. “We have made a kind of mini-documentary about Levi that you will see. With Froukje I want to talk about the substantive messages in her music, about the climate. To me it feels like all kinds of presents that I can unwrap.”

Although Chabot puts his guests first, his own personality will certainly not go unnoticed. “For starters, you’ll see me as the host, who rolls out the red carpet for his guests. But I do put my energy and curiosity into the talk show. Furthermore, I am always very curious about someone’s personal story. When someone talks about their passion, it often sparkles. I really like it when I can turn it on. “

‘Splinter’ also returns in the decoration. “Of course we will not get a dark blue decor, it will be very colorful. And I wear something festive. Finally, the guests sit on a huge purple sofa, because I really love purple.”

SPLNTR! consists of six episodes and is broadcast on Sunday evening at 9.45 pm by AVROTROS on NPO3.


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