Spotify has an option that allows you to choose music according to your mood

A few days ago I was talking to you an innovation imagined by Spotify. This voice recognition-based project consists of advising you playlists based on your mood determined by several factors from your voice. Today, it is still too early for such a feature to be rolled out to the general public by Spotify. However, the audio streaming platform is starting to prepare the ground by launching a new feature now.

Spotify presents a first step

This feature is just a new filter that allows you to select the songs you liked according to your mood. For example, if you are in a relaxed mood, you can select the “Chill” filter and the liked songs corresponding to this criterion will be offered to you. In addition, this feature allows you to no longer create dozens of playlists that you listen to depending on your mood, since these smart filters are able to find the corresponding songs in your list of liked songs.

For now, Spotify says the filters will only be available in major English-speaking markets (US, Canada, and UK). In addition, you must have at least 30 titles liked in order to take advantage of this feature.

If on the surface this novelty may seem trivial, in reality it allows Spotify to constantly improve its user experience and thus remain a leader in its field. As we can see with Netflix, if the American giant invested huge sums of money to expand its catalog and produce original original content, it also relies heavily on the user experience to capture the attention of the viewer and the push to stay on the platform.

With this kind of announcement, Spotify confirms its desire to become the essential platform for all types of audio content. In recent years, the Swedish giant has sought by all means to develop its catalog of podcasts.

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