“Squirrel, please smile” Clearly, is the daughter a real child or a stepdaughter?

why suddenly daughterIs it a trend in this period?

(squirrel) “Actually, some people already know. But during the heavy current is the birthdaySister Chanol Then P’ Ball invited him to smile. Close to his children, he put them on Facebook. birthday wishes for daughter When football posts anything, it will be news.”

Brother Ball, he clearly announced that he would be a father, pushing his grandchildren to enter the industry?

(Squirrel) “Yes, it’s done.”

I saw that since P’Ball took the picture down I saw that my life had changed. More and more followers on Instagram?

(Alexandria) “Yes, there are followers on Tiktok and Instagram. I feel good because it’s a work that I’ve liked since I was a kid and I’m glad it has more followers.”

Some friends don’t know that we are the heirs of entertainers?

(Chanol) “I didn’t tell my friend, when it was news, my friend sent it to me and asked. What kind of papa do you know?” (Alexandria) “I said yes, but I didn’t turn it off, so he asked.”

Do you like both the entertainment industry?

(Alexandria) “I like to walk.” (Chanol) “I like acting better. Because the mouse is small.” (Squirrel) “When I was small, it was still not clear. But we want to enter the industry at a young age. But when he grows up, Nong Noll has a different feeling. Wants to do his personal work, but like Drea, he still likes it. She also likes to walk, likes to dance, and has learned to dance in many places. Well, he dances very well.”

Why would you want your child to enter the industry from a young age?

(Squirrel) “He was cute when he was young. So we want him to enter the industry. But now it’s on the child. We can’t force Everyone likes different people.”

but has come in part Some people already have works?

(Chanol) “I have filmed some music videos, song title, bad boyfriend, why would I have it?” (Alexandria) “I have a model walk” (Squirrel) “I have a model walk and a dance show.”

when it became known There will be a lot of comments coming in. began to cause drama The first drama that happened was the end of the western era and this era was the era of Muay girls?

(Janal) “We are beautiful in our own way. I went in and read it. and laughed at my father.” (Squirrel) “Sometimes a comment. People who work as actors like us have to meet. There are people who love, people who like, people who don’t love, people who don’t. And there are people who will comment. like, don’t like, don’t know In the morning, I will watch the news It’s our turn to comment. This is his duty. we have to let go Sometimes there are comments that make us happy too. Sometimes we go to see Squirrel fight. He is a fan of Squirrel. When I came across this comment, I didn’t know anyone. It made us stumble, wanting to answer him. Sometimes he asks who is the squirrel, please smile and I go in and reply. That’s why he sent me 5555. We look at it as fun.”

Ready to get a job?

(Alexandria) “I’m ready, I’ve taken some jobs. But I want more.” (Chanol) “Please leave it to our family, any work can be done, leave it to us.”

There are also netizens wondering if the two brothers are really squirrel cousins?

(Squirrel) “Why? Look at the face, look at the skin, you should know” (Peach) “Actually, I have a family before. I have 3 children. And when I met Rok, it was a single mom. We broke up with my father and sister when Drea was 18 days old.”

So why did I choose Squirrel?

(Peach) “Actually, before I met Rok, we went over and over with a group of stars. Then you will meet some funny elders. which I’ve never known funny But when we meet him, we just pretend to say that I want to have a girlfriend funny We feel that being funny and having fun in the past. When it is a single mom, we will be careful when we are in a relationship with a lot of people. because our children are little children And everyone is growing up. We will be afraid and wary to open up with anyone.”

So why open your heart to Squirrel?

(Peach) “It’s because we talk a lot. P’ Rok is a very good storyteller, but mainly based on stories of monks and superstitions, he likes to tell stories.”

Do something for him?

(Peach) “This is true. When we got married, my dear, I asked if my dear, did you make things for me? because when moving in together Well, we feel like he’s a lot. The oil cartridge pediatrics (squirrel) “You don’t have to do it. Just a wink and you’re lost.”

So how did elder squirrel get to like Peach?

(Squirrel) “Because you’re a single dad. Well, maybe we didn’t tell anyone. But people in the industry will know that the nanny is with the mother. stay with sister and raising the eldest daughter Did you have a family? There is a daughter named Nong Ploy, now she is 25 years old. She met Peach because once, Ae Atchara held a Kathin ceremony in Nakhon Si Thammarat. I want to be funny. Now, Brother Taen, Phi Nok, Vanida, he already knows P’Peach. Then one day, he came to a restaurant at a cafe. That day, I played with Nong Nong, Cha Cha Cha, and Robert. He wants to come see jokes. and would like to come in contact with jokes met that day Now it has to be coordinated and discussed.”

Who started flirting with whom first?

(Squirrel) “I didn’t feel anything at first. is enough to meet that day When I come out, I will stand alone in the parking lot in front of the café, Peach likes it, and then comes to hug me.” (Peach) “Actually, that day was the first time Peach went to a cafe. And then that day, everyone will talk in groups, spread out. And when I look at it, this person stands alone. We looked and felt that he was pitiful. But before that it has already been introduced. we will be back We walked over to him and came back and gave him a hug. Then he assumed that Peach likes him.” (Squirrel) “The woman hugged. If you don’t like it, why are you hugging us?”

And then flirt?

(Squirrel) “I haven’t flirted yet. After hugging, I go to the coffee shop in front of me. And then he opened the car window again. Bye-bye. Let’s go squirrel. Then we will call him Phi Phi. We are Phi Phi. Hey… do you like me or not?” (Peach) “No, Ae Achara, he sits next to me. He also said that Brother Rok, don’t forget how many days, go to help with work.”

In the end, who decides who to ask for a girlfriend first?

(Squirrel) “I don’t know when it started. The closest thing is the date of returning from Kathin. At first, he had to fly back with P Ae. But that day, he took the tour bus back. and sit next to We bought it for him to eat.”


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