State and local elected representatives, a summit of the recovery?

What if Emmanuel Macron organized a recovery summit with all the local elected officials from France and Navarre? The idea was submitted to him a few days ago by Pascal Canfin. The president of the environment committee in the European Parliament, very active on the subject, has forged a conviction: the recovery plan (100 billion euros, half of which must be devoted to investment projects, mostly green ) will only be effective if it is jointly supported by the State, Europe AND the local authorities.

The problem, when there are billions to distribute (which has not happened since Methuselah), is that the state tends to want to play Santa Claus solo. Building the recovery plan “in the room at Bercy”, as Canfin says, would be the best way to miss everything … So the MEP did not hesitate to use his privileged access to the President of the Republic to whom he sends notes in the evening via the Telegram app. This is what he did about his “top of the stimulus”.

Macron (night owl, we know) replied in the middle of the night “well received”, a mark of interest according to regulars in the nightly exchanges with the Head of State … In his note, Canfin pushes a political argument: major local elected officials are almost all opponents of the president. Associating them closely with the signage of the Covid billions would be a way of depoliticizing the recovery plan. Take him out of the partisan equation as the election deadlines approach. Kill two birds with one stone for Macron: send the money where it will be most useful while avoiding yet another bickering with the territories. Win, win …

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